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FoR pUdDiNg LoVeRs wOrLd WiDe [entries|friends|calendar]

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NO UPDATES!!!!!!! [28 Jun 2005|09:42am]

hey people this is a community thing I have put the last 3 entries. Lol.
DiG iN

Must have [11 Jun 2005|01:41am]

[ mood | Pudding Withdrawal ]

Oh god its been more than a year since my last pudding!!!! Mayling I'm in serious need.

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X-traordinarily Rich Chocolate Pudding [04 Jun 2005|01:44pm]

[ mood | good ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

How to make this sweet stuff
4 servings
• 1 cup milk
• 1 cup heavy cream
• 1/4 cup sugar
• 1 tablespoon cornstarch
• Pinch of salt
• 5 ounces bittersweet chocolate, preferably imported or best-quality, coarsely chopped
• 2 egg yolks
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1. Heat the milk and cream in a small saucepan until small bubbles appear around the edges. Or, place in a 2-cup glass measuring cup and heat in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes.
2. Combine the sugar, cornstarch and salt in a medium saucepan and stir until blended. Add the hot-milk mixture and heat over medium-low heat, stirring, until it begins to thicken and boil. Add the chocolate. Cook, stirring slowly and constantly, until the mixture boils and the chocolate is melted.
3. Whisk the egg yolks in a small bowl. Add a spoonful of the hot-milk mixture to the eggs and stir to blend. Stir the egg mixture back into the saucepan. Cook over low heat, stirring, for 2 minutes, or until the pudding is thickened and reaches 165 degrees to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.
4. Set a sieve over a bowl and strain the pudding. Push the last drops of pudding through and scrape the underside of the sieve with a rubber spatula. Stir in the vanilla.
5. Transfer the pudding to a serving bowl or individual pudding cups or dessert dishes. Serve warm, at room temperature or chilled. Garnish with spoonful of whipped cream or a drizzle of unwhipped heavy cream.
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[03 Jun 2005|04:56pm]

I want Pudding Pie!!!!!
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[02 Jun 2005|06:04pm]

heyDONTeatME1017 (5:55:42 PM): OMG
heyDONTeatME1017 (5:55:45 PM): hehe!!
heyDONTeatME1017 (5:55:51 PM): thats soo fucking funny
ChachiKillEvil (5:55:59 PM): all because of pudding
ChachiKillEvil (5:56:03 PM): !!
heyDONTeatME1017 (5:57:04 PM): see.. pudding CAN make a diference
ChachiKillEvil (5:57:10 PM): i know that
ChachiKillEvil (5:57:18 PM): I love's pudding
heyDONTeatME1017 (5:57:27 PM): not more than i
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[02 Jun 2005|04:21pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

sorry but

kicks way more ass! then jello!

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I'm in! [02 Jun 2005|03:45pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

- Name Haendel Silva
- State Florida
- School Coral Gables
- Age 16
My favorite pudding

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[01 Jun 2005|04:12pm]

[ mood | creative ]

WELL! this rocks! i LOVE pudding, im mayling and i go to Coral Gables High Skool, in miami fl,   and im 15, and OBBSESSED with PUDDING!! (preferably Snack pack!) SO the ONLY restriction to this community is an intrest in pudding!! ... so when you join, i would like you kno do the whole: name, state, skool, or wat ever... so we can get to kno each other..  so PEACE!

*mEaN MayLinG*

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